Trishaw ride in Penang

24 Sep

Perfect moments just fall in at the right time and right space and I am so contented that I had great moments captured while strolling ourselves in Armenian street in Penang. Some have to wait hours or days before perfect moments come by, whereas some just by luck. I should count myself lucky for my great moment to come in my opinion. I did enjoy my captures while browsing through my photos taken there and would wish to share them here.

The photo that is shown below was taken by my 16-35mm f2.8L USM on 5D II. This is one trishaw ride that tourists would take in Penang to enjoy the scenery around the streets. When I saw them coming towards me in a very leisure pace, I grabbed my camera to start framing my shot which I’m not taking any chances to miss. I love this photo for their expressions captured and how the lady held on to her hat while enjoying her sight seeing ride. This shot can be mistaken as a staged one but I can justify now that this was all a street style photography that I attempted without staging any shots. In my opinion, I guess I can make this picture better by giving a shallower depth of field to give a cleaner picture by including the cars and pedestrians in the background into the bokeh(blur) zone.

Tourists on rickshaw

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