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Majestic falls

One of my bucket list has been checked when I visited the Niagara falls, finally. I have been longing to have a close up and personal experience of this majestic falls. When I got nearer to Niagara falls, there were few peeks that I got from far and I can feel the strong gust of wind from the falls. I have never seen a horseshoe falls before, in fact, I was ignorant when my friends kept telling me that the horseshoe falls is much more majestic and better experience which can be experienced from the Canada side. Without doing any research about Niagara falls, I could not get any idea what the mysterious horseshoe falls is all about.

When I stood along the railings and facing the horseshoe falls, it is indeed very close to what its name describes, a horseshoe and it is very best seen from Canada’s side rather than the America’s side. It was a cold weather and the consistent gust of wind from the falls made it even colder for me to handle but all of the experience was worthwhile. There are various options for you to get up close to the falls and feel its wrath. It was indeed powerful with gallons of water pouring down!

I walked along the railings and took a while to look for my spot for taking a long exposure shot of the horseshoe falls using BIG Stopper from LEE filter. I tried to search for a spot where I can see the shape of the falls as clearly as possible and I took several shots to make sure I have gotten the picture that I wanted. Sometimes, more is better. I drove approximately 2 hours from downtown Toronto to see this Niagara falls and I am so going to hang around the falls and take in all the view until I am satisfied. And of course, gotten all the pictures that I wanted too! Please enjoy one of my image.

Niagara falls : HDR

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Parc Du Bassin Bonsecours

When I first saw this structure, I knew this will be my next photography subject. With the scattered clouds moving relatively quick in the sky as my background, I knew a long exposure shot with BIG Stopper from LEE filter will make a good image out of this landscape. Moreover, the long exposure will rid the visitors in the park. As there are not many visitors, I have no worries for the shadows they might cause.

Parc Du Bassin Bonsecours : HDR

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Peur Depot

When I visited Montreal, it was interesting for me to see Peur Depot which featured the “virus”, a game edition. With the water just in front of the attraction, I set up my tripod for a long exposure shot to also capture the movement of the cloud which makes a dramatic effect of my image.

Peur Dépôt : HDR

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Cathedral of the Transfiguration

Standing right in the middle of the Cathedraltown in Markham, Ontario, Canada, Cathedral of the Transfiguration is the landmark of the Cathedral community. I have never been to a Cathedral community and this was a great experience for me. As the hotel I stayed in was just situated some kilometers south, it was a short drive before I reached Cathedral of the Transfiguration, finding a place to park my car is a breeze as the neighborhood was quiet and peaceful. From far, Cathedral of the Transfiguration stood right out of the neighborhood prominently, tall and glamorously. With the short drive, I am able to have more accurate calculations of the time I will reach there and I wanted to be there taking long exposure shots just after sunset with the twilight in the sky that makes well balanced exposure.

I got there 30 minutes earlier just to survey the area and set up my tripod right in the center, with that I have the cathedral in the center of my composition. As the sun was setting behind the cathedral, I took several test shots before the time is right for my shot and I waited for more scattered clouds to get into my shot to produce a more realistic feel.

I took a long exposure with BIG Stopper from LEE filter on 16-35mm f2.8L with 5D II, with a single RAW file, I separated it into 5 different exposures and merged them into a HDR. I was very contented with my result as the cathedral gives out a very warmth feel in the picture as the sun sets and the scattered clouds was just right in the background. During my time there, the vicinity of the cathedral was so quiet that I enjoyed the time spent there as I like the peacefulness while taking in the gorgeous view of the beautiful cathedral standing right in front of me. It took me a while to adjust my compositions and positions to get the frame right with the cathedral in the center of my picture and it was an effort well spent for this image. Please enjoy the image as much as I do.

Cathedral of Transfiguration : HDR

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High park with fall colors

In high park, you can find maple trees concentrated in various areas and I enjoyed exploring every part of the park and with the sunny but cooling weather, it was an unforgettable experience that I will never forget. I was very glad that I was in Canada in the right time and right place. I have never thought how beautiful the maple leaves can be in fall colors and they indeed amazed me and I was mesmerized.

High park fall color : HDR

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Looking up

I was in the park surrounded by big maple trees with beautiful maple leaves in fall colors and I made it a point to look up and without any delay, I brought my camera to my face and started composing my shot. The result is amazing! I would definitely recommend everyone to look up and take the view in a different perspective once in a while, you might get a surprise! The HDR I have gotten out of a single RAW image of this view is an art! Please enjoy.

Looking up : HDR

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Gorgeous gradient fall colors

It was an easy walk around the park and maple trees everywhere just stood out from the other trees with their beautiful fall colors. It was indeed an awesome experience for me to see the ground filled with maple leaves of different eye catching colors. I love this particular maple tree with simply gorgeous maple leaves in gradient fall color, transiting from red to bright yellow. Beautiful!

Quiet park in fall color : HDR

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