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Braised duck : Taika Huat Braised Duck

Very well known as 八里半大家发鸭肉, I have my friend to thank for introducing me to such a lovely place for an awesome meal which I came back several times for more! The braised duck has its soft texture that derived from the great skill of cooking the duck. Every trip here was always a wonderful one and I would always leave the place contented. After few repeated trips here for braised duck, I knew that I would very much love to share it here.

Braised duck

The Tau Kee here is also another dish that is worth mentioning here as it will never stop your mouth from munching down on these smooth, soft and tasty as these very thin sliced beancurd skins were so well prepared that I must have it as a side dish to the braised duck every time!

Tau Kee

To go along with the braised duck, I would strongly recommend to order the kway teow! You will love it for its slender, smooth and delicious texture that you can get here! It is definitely a good combination as well!

Koay Teow

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Auction Rooms cafe

Seated in the quiet side of North Melbourne, the first thing you will notice once you enter this cafe in Errol Street, you will realize how busy this cafe can be and on a typical weekend like Sunday, be expected to wait in a line inside the cafe for a seat. Well, of course, if you are going there alone or in a pair, chances are you will get a seat quicker than the bigger groups! The next thing you will notice is that the barista is always working non-stop grinding fresh coffee beans on the spot and brewing coffees. Well, that makes sense, they were rated the best cafe in 2013!

The very first thing that mesmerized me and is still rated really good in my list is the latte they serve there. The taste simply tells you that it is of good grade even if you are not a hard core fan of coffee. I’m not a big fan of coffee but I like the latte here and I don’t mind going back for more!

Next, comes the food, they serve all-day-breakfast. In a short list of menu and specials of the day, It can turn out to be pretty tough choices to make! My choice of breakfast on my very first visit was Glenora Farm baby cos with coddled egg dressing, chicken & duck terrine, Grana Padano and a poached egg from the menu. The moment I sink my first bite into the mixture of chicken and duck terrine, I was definitely convinced that it is worth the title of Melbourne’s best cafe in 2013 with The Age Good Cafe Guide awards. With the poached egg at the side, it just makes the perfect salad that I had in Auction Rooms.

Glenora Farm baby cos with coddled egg dressing, chicken & duck terrine, Grana Padano and a poached egg

I am not afraid to tell everyone that I went back to Auction Rooms again for my lunch the very next day! This is how I cherish my short stay in Melbourne. If it’s really good, just go back for more! Even if I had to walk on foot to City Elizabeth station to take the tram 57 and alighting at stop 12. Auction Rooms cafe is just round the corner, you won’t miss the Errol street’s sign as well.

On my second visit there, I tried their special of the day which was the duck meat burger, the bread was so spongy and the duck meat was so tasty that I knew I will miss that place when I’m back in Singapore. I can even tell you right now that whenever I look back at these pictures, it took me a minute to stop myself from drooling further on.

Duck meat burger

Auction Rooms cafe? A definite must go when you are in Melbourne. You will love this cafe for its latte and the food!

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Curry fish head : Kam Long Restaurant

I have been visiting Kam Long restaurant several times now and will never get tired of having its renowned dish, curry fish head which is the only dish on the menu that you can order in this restaurant but that dish is enough to leave you savoring the deliciously boiled fish head in the curry cooked in Chinese style. You will definitely not find the curry watery or too spicy for your taste.

With tau kee, okra, long beans and cabbage, the freshly served red snapper fish head will simply melt in your mouth with its tender fresh meat. Inside the pot, the fish head definitely takes the lead in the dish with tau kee closely behind to give you a complete experience of this wonderful meal, tau kee is typically a brittle soy wafer made by lifting and drying the thin layer formed on the surface of cooling hot soy milk.

Tau kee compliments the dish very well as it soaks up the curry in it and give your taste buds a very nice treatment as it will engulf your mouth with its curry leaving you asking for more. Additional order for tau kee is available, so go ahead and ask for more tau kee as you might not have enough of the already abundant tau kee in the pot!

You will not miss this place as they display their fresh fish heads and cooking them with curry right at the entrance of the restaurant. You can expect long line of patrons so do remember to go early.

Curry fish head - Kam Long Restaurant
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Bak Kut Teh : Hwa Mei

I have always been a fan of bak kut teh, especially the ones in Malaysia. This time, we had it nearer to us. It was a short drive in across the causeway from Singapore as usual but by making just a few turns in after the immigration checkpoints, we were greeted with a restaurant with a traditional signboard bearing “華美” and it was packed with customers. It was not easy to find a parking lot but we did eventually and I was anticipating the taste of the bak kut teh.

The soup was so fragrant with herbal taste that I find it very refreshing and tasty! The pork meat was not very tender but the meat is soft enough to taste good. I love the fact that they stewed the pork meat and bones in the broth with herbal ingredients that make the color of the broth dark, all these were cooked using charcoal. I must say that charcoal makes the food more fragrant compared to using other methods like gas.

Hwa Mei bak kut teh
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Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik : Restaurant Yati Ayam Percik

I have never tasted anything like blue colored rice before until a friend of mine brought me to Yati restaurant and had our lunch there. “What is so special about this restaurant?” I asked him, “Blue colored rice!” was his reply. Indeed, the rice is blue in color and the taste was fairly fragrant. I like it how they mixed in with raw bean sprout and some other ingredients to enhance the experience of this meal. The chicken was grilled nicely and the gravy over it is definitely a compliment to the meat.

Overall, I had quite an enjoyable meal there as it was my very first time tasting the blue rice which was not disappointing. I have already made a second trip back there and it would be worthy to try that if you are around that area.

Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik

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Steamed Tilapia Fish : Restoran Lan Je – Rawang

African fish

A car is definitely highly recommended to go to this restaurant which is always crowded during the weekends, you can also get a taxi to drive you there. I was introduced to 兰姐清蒸非洲鱼(LanJe Steamed Tilapia Fish) some time back by a friend of mine in Kuala Lumpur. Apparently, this restaurant is very popular among the locals. Finally, I have the chance to taste the steamed tilapia fish for the very first time!

When we were there, the restaurant was crowded and we have to wait for an empty table which took us about 15 minutes. The picture on top shows the “african fish” (directly translated from Mandarin), covered with garlic and cut chillies. This fresh fish had us enjoyed so much with its soft meat that didn’t have any fishy smell, I guess it’s because of the garlic. The gravy taste just nice as cooked from the fish and garlic. Moreover, the price is very affordable starting from 12.50MYR! I will definitely go back there if I have the chance.

Stir fried four-angled beans

When we were ordering our dinner, we also ordered some side dishes, this stir fried four-angled beans with balachan are only available in Malaysia, I’m not sure if these are also available elsewhere but I like these beans for its crunchiness.

The balachan is a typical spicy sauce which you can find in South East Asia like Malaysia, Burma and Indonesia.

Sweet & sour chicken

Next side dish we had is sweet and sour chicken, typically an authentic recipe like sweet and sour chicken is cooked with pork but not chicken. Maybe it is not so easy to get pork supplies but the chicken was still as good!

Luckily, we had these side dishes to wait with us for the main lead, the steamed fishes. It takes a while but well, good stuffs are always worth the wait and we were definitely not disappointed at all!

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Durians SS2

Musang King durian III

Big banners were pretty enticing as you enter the street for a feast on the durian where the prices were very attractive and the temptation is hard to resist when durian stalls at the both sides of the streets were offering very low prices for durian buffet. We were there at 3pm and the shelves were displaying a very disappointing number of durians for sale. After another 10 minutes, trucks with baskets arrived and started unloading all the durians! We were lucky after all.

As much as we wanted to stuff our stomachs with their durian buffet at very low prices, we were also very much tempted to go for the quality instead of the quantity. Quality wins in the end when we asked for a Musang King durian.

Musang King durian II

I must say the service they have provided were rather nice as they would choose a durian, weigh it and tell you the price which you will consider if you want that durian. There were 4 of us, so he picked a big durian for us and we loved it a lot!

Every seeds you can find inside this durian were packed with fleshy and soft meat which will give you a nice sweet taste with a mixture of a little bitterness which goes very well together as a package to give a beautiful treatment to your taste buds!

Musang King durian I

We were definitely very lucky to be there at the right time when the king of fruits arrived in glory from the trucks. We have had such nice experiences with the durians there that we don’t mind going back there again!

I will definitely recommend everyone to have a durian at one of the durian stalls there! It might be a little difficult to get to this street without a car but you can get a taxi to bring you there when you are visiting Kuala Lumpur.

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