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Tip on tipping around 24 countries in the world

Saw this article and this can really help a lot when you are traveling the world! Different countries have their own way of earning their income, some depend heavily on tips to earn their monthly wages. So read on to find out how service charges and tipping works in other countries so that you can have a reference on how the bills are usually charged in the restaurants of 24 countries listed in the article here.

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30 most dangerous tourist attractions in the world

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush with risks involved, this is the post for you! Read on and find out more about the 30 places that are definitely not for normal leisure tourism. In the mentioned places, you can literally throw safety out of the window as injuries or even death can be imminent!

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50 fictional destinations to visit!

Have you ever sometimes wonder how awesome it would be if you are able to visit places that were used in the films that you love watching? Be prepared to start packing your bags for vacations soon because below are the 50 destinations that you can visit! Now you have more reasons not to kill the travel bugs in you, you are not alone, I have several destinations now added into my travel wishlist!

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Rude hand gestures

Came across another article that is very helpful when you travel around the world. Every small gestures that you show with your hands can mean something different in various countries. Have fun traveling while not offending the locals with wrong hand gestures that you might show accidentally!

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40 tourist scams

Saw this beautiful information of tourist scams that are existing all around the world. It would definitely be very helpful to me and I want to post it here to give information and raise the awareness. Trust me, this post summarized all the scams around the world and they are pretty true to my own knowledge. This is a very good piece of advice if you ask me. Let’s travel safe!

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