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Old town White Coffee Grand

In this M Boutique hotel, we find the Old town White Coffee Grand. If you have tried Old town White Coffee and like it, you will definitely want to drop by this beautiful cafe connected to M Boutique hotel when you are in Ipoh. Since this M Boutique hotel is the birth place for the cafe, I felt that I must grab a shot of this magnificent building and when I stepped out to find a composition that I like, I realized that this building makes a very good photography subject for me. I set up my tripod and took some single RAW file long exposures using my BIG Stopper. I like the movement of the cloud and the details of the building in this picture. Enjoy!

M Boutique Hotel : HDR

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Kellie’s castle

Built and unfinished by William Kellie Smith, this castle was the talk of the town back then and it is obvious to find out why. This will be Ipoh’s very first castle built by a Scottish planter. Unfortunately, it was left unfinished as the process of getting this massive castle built was not an easy feat back then. Now, it sits there in Batu Gajah, Perak, Malaysia as one of the tourist attractions in Ipoh. It was a same hot day as usual and I went around looking for a spot for taking a shot of this castle.

I have always like to take my composition head on with my subject. This castle is no exception, I took my time exploring the internal of the castle before venturing the vicinity and finally found the spot that I like just across the bridge. I set up my tripod and started taking long exposures with my BIG Stopper and here’s the result.

Kellie's castle : HDR

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Ipoh City Hall

It was a hot and sunny day in Ipoh, the state capital of Perak in Malaysia and I was on a road trip visiting this beautiful city. While I was looking for a photography subject around the area in the town area, I found this beautiful white building with symmetrical design. I went along across the road and started setting my tripod for a long exposure shot using my BIG Stopper from LEE filter thinking that the bright sunny day will definitely give me a very good long exposure shot with BIG Stopper. It was a great chance for me. I was taking a 30 seconds shot for every photo that I want and I was starting to perspire. It was worth the sweat and bearing the heat and the result from my shots is beautiful with great cloud movement in the sky which I like a lot.

Ipoh City Hall : HDR

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Petronas Twin Towers

Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Nothing can be more fulfilling than checking into a beautiful hotel after a hearty meal with durians. Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur was the hotel that I was eyeing for a long time since my last visit to its cozy and beautiful skybar. After surveying the Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Traders Hotel has the best location offering a gorgeous full view of Petronas Twin Towers to ourselves in the room! Its almost just like having the twin towers to ourselves! I already had in mind that I am going to grab a shot of the towers with my BIG Stopper from LEE Filter, so I brought my tripod along for this stay.

The view from our comfortable room is so magnificent that I just set my tripod just by the window and started triggering for different compositions after carefully positioning the camera as close as possible to the window to omit any reflections that can be captured.

With BIG Stopper from LEE Filter mounted on my 16-35mm f2.8L II with 5D II, I set my gear on my tripod and attempted few shots to get my correct my custom white balance before continuing to grab few more shots with various compositions. I just love it!


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Sekinchan paddy field

Searching for this paddy field area was tougher than it looks as we have to weave through several low level buildings before we can catch the sight of the paddy field. We were there during sunrise and the air was fresh, we took a while to enjoy the scenery as well. With several buildings in blocks rearing swallows around, you can see swallows flying casually around their home.

This picture I’m sharing here has been merged into HDR (High Dynamic Range) with the help of photomatix from a single RAW file that I pulled 5 different exposures out from.

Sekinchan padi field : HDR

Use your GPS to look for this location.
003° 30.559′N
101° 06.340′E


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BOH Tea Plantation

My first visit to BOH Tea Plantation was a breathtaking one in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. It was a long drive for us from Singapore all the way up to Cameron Highlands, making few breaks in the interval to keep fresh for driving. It is a common road up to one of Malaysia’s most extensive hill stations that sits in the Titiwangsa Mountains taking up 712 square kilometers, the size of Singapore. It is also possible for us to take a coach up that can take us on a tour but we preferred to drive up as it gave us infinite free time to choose what we want to do.

BOH Tea Plantation was an easy find for us as we were provided with map of Cameron Highlands from our hotel. After we parked our car and made our way up a few hundred meters to the tea house, we were welcomed with a gorgeous view of the tea plantation laying across the curves under the sun. It is a beautiful sight and the air is so refreshing that you will want to slow down your pace and enjoy yourself to the landscape. With a single RAW file, I separated 5 different exposures and merged them into HDR using photomatix.

Cameron highlands : HDR


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Pinang Peranakan Mansion

It feels amazing to be in places where some popular television shows were filmed there before. I was in awe when I saw the internal of the mansion! It is huge but cozy and I can know how it feels like to be living in this gorgeous mansion in the past. I would love to show the series of pictures that I have captured during my visit to this Pinang Peranakan Mansion which cost us MYR10 each person per entry. We took our time to explore the place and have our eye openers on the stuffs that were used before in the mansion.

A view of inside with fisheye 8-15mm f4L on 5D II from the entrance.
Pinang Peranakan Mansion XI

A capture of one of the room.
Pinang Peranakan Mansion X

Pinang Peranakan Mansion IX

Card game that people used to play as a past time hobby.
Pinang Peranakan Mansion VIII

Pinang Peranakan Mansion VII

Pinang Peranakan Mansion VI

Pinang Peranakan Mansion V

Pinang Peranakan Mansion IV

Pinang Peranakan Mansion III

A typical window you can find around the mansion.
Pinang Peranakan Mansion II

A view from outside the mansion.
Pinang Peranakan Mansion I


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