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Visited by Hermit Crab

Hermit crab I

It is very easy to see trails of hermit crabs anywhere on the soft sand along the beach. In fact, I thought that the trails were decorations left by the hermit crabs! With my 100mm f2.8L macro on 5D II, I picked up one hermit crab and started adjusting the focus of my lens for some shots of it. The hermit crab went into hiding whenever my hand gets near it and that made it easier for me to frame my shots. All I have to do is pick up the hermit crab and place it carefully in my frame and waited for it to emerge from its hiding. It took split seconds to run for safety and I will have to carefully grab it back to the position I want.

Initially, it took a little longer to notice that it is safe to come out of its shell, after few shots, I have to be quick because it has already recognized the place and ready to run for safety once my hand left its shell. For the shot below, I caught a shot of it trying to run away from the spot. After I got the shots that I wanted, I put it back to the sea. No hermit crab was harmed in the process.

Hermit crab II


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Gorgeous sunrise

Sunrise from water villa

Every morning in Reethi Beach resort, warm golden rays will never fail to wake me up which I was always so delighted. I would always like to take a moment to look at the beautiful sunrise right after getting up from my bed just to feel its warmth that chased away the chilliness the sea breeze brought. Just by standing at my balcony in my water villa, I would get mesmerized by watching the gorgeous sun rise up above the horizon in the midst of the scattered clouds.

This picture was only altered by cropping and straightening it. The color was untouched as I would love to share how it feels like to look at the warm colored sunrise that greeted me every morning!


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Long beautiful night

Night shot of Reethi beach resort water villa

It was a short long night for me as I went photographing around for beautiful nightscapes that I cannot go to sleep without. Although it has been few hours since the sky turned dark with gorgeous full moon above me when I went around with my tripod and camera, hunting for great photographing spots which were practically everywhere around me!

I took this shot just a few steps away from my comfortable water villa, the temptation to capture shots like this is more than the inviting bed waiting for me! I just love the beach meeting the silky smooth water that reflects the lights from the villas. With the beautiful stars and clouds captured in this shot, I knew I have to share this shot here. Please enjoy.


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Irresistable sunset shot

Sunset with Reethi : HDR

Looking up at the gorgeous sky with beautiful colors all around, I can’t resist but to stop and enjoy the scenery as much as I can before setting my tripod with fisheye lens on 5D II to grab a shot out of it for remembrance! When I saw the preview of the shot on my camera screen, I was indeed very excited as I knew what is coming for me in this shot! Beautiful and dramatic colors and not too over-saturated.

I thought I have not gotten enough shots from the sunset along the beach previously. But who knows? On my way back to my resort, I noticed that the color of the sky is a little different and I was thinking to myself that I have not taken a long exposure shot with fisheye lens yet.

This is an High Dynamic Range picture which I extracted 4 different long exposures from and merged them using photomatix. This shot was taken with 20 seconds and it is certainly enough to see the movement of the clouds which I like in this picture!


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Love the sunrise for its warmth!

Everyday of my stay in Reethi Beach Resort, I will always be awakened by the warmth that the sun gave while rising from the horizon. As it rises higher and the way it mesmerized me, I grab my camera and started taking shots of the gorgeous landscape with its beautiful color that the sun gave. Absolutely beautiful!

With that, I got Elaine to get up from the bed and posed her seated on the chair while I prepare my 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM on 5D II. With 70-200mm, I wanted to pull the sun closer to us. This silhouette shot of Elaine was only adjusted for its contrast and no other editing was done. I have got nothing more to ask for during my stay there as I have got sun rise in my backyard and sun set at my door step with crystal clear water around us giving us breathtaking landscapes to behold everyday!

Sunrise with Elaine Wee


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Finally, a nice sunset shot after 2 days..

Frankly speaking, I was not really satisfied with sunset shot that I have shown in my previous post here as I did not get to see the “egg yolk” disappearing slowly into the horizon. Time was definitely not on my side when the low cloud bases decided to join in the party when almost half of the visitors in the island were there anticipating the gorgeous view of the sunset. I went back to the same spot where I believed I can get nice composition of the sunset (if there is a beautiful one) but I was disappointed for the next 2 days of waiting.

Finally, after 2 days of waiting, I finally got a good view of the gorgeous sunset that set into the sea. I grab a RAW file and processed them into 5 different exposures before merging them into HDR using photomatix.

Gosh! How I love the color of the water and the warm yellow that the sun cast on the sky and how the sunlight was reflected on the water and the sand.

Sunset in Reethi : HDR


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Moodu Bar & Restaurant on the water

Night shot of Moodhu Bar & Restaurant

Again, another long exposure shot I have done during the night with a full moon shining brightly on the picturesque landscape picture that I wanted to capture. Finding my way around and composing my shot in the night has never been easier when I really had fun and joy capturing the beautiful nightscape of the beach and the water, occasionally the stars!

Moodu Bar & Restaurant is one of the restaurants in Reethi Beach Resort island where you can have your meals in. Resting on top of the water, this is the only restaurant that offers you beautiful view of the beach in the day or in the night. With the lights from the restaurant reflected on the water, I knew that this will be one of my favorite shots taken! I have only adjusted the exposure of this picture using photoshop and everything else was left untouched.


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