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A silent night in Leeuwarden

Former weigh house in Leeuwarden

It was a busy afternoon when I got to Leeuwarden for a short visit over a Saturday and they had a weekend market which you can get various food from. I already had in mind that the former weigh house of Leeuwarden will be my main subject for my picture. The problem I faced was hordes of visitors and shoppers were crowding around the area to grab bargains offered there.

Situated in the northern part of The Netherlands, I was feeling chill during a typical February weekend. I strolled around Leeuwarden for some sight seeing that the capital of Friesland has to offer. I stopped by a restaurant and had my dinner, that is where I realized the area around the main attraction for me was clean and empty! Right after my meal, I headed straight for the spot and deployed my tripod for a long exposure with my 16-35mm f2.8L II on 5D II. Minor adjustments were done with photoshop and this has to be my favorite shot from Leeuwarden.


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I amsterdam


I have eyeing this sign for a long time since I first landed my first foot in Amsterdam but never had the chance to do so, I was either too tired after some serious shopping or just pure laziness that kept my legs from walking on to this sign.

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Had the chance to fly to Amsterdam for business trip. Nice weather but the sun can really hurt your eyes if you are not wearing any shades. Did this shot with 5D II with 16-35mm f2.8 L in raw then I balanced the exposure via photoshop. Did not do a great though if you see carefully, well, I’m still learning.

Amsterdam Centraal


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