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Leeward beach with BIG Stopper

I was definitely enjoying myself even when I’m getting some shots with my camera on tripod at leeward beach. It’s like a big playground which for me to have fun around and humans were scarce there, literally. I popped on my LEE filter holder with my BIG Stopper in no time and started grabbing some long exposed shots. The conch that you see in the picture was placed there intentionally to at least fill in the foreground with something unique I found in Caribbean island. As much as I love eating Conch salad, the conch shell is so beautiful that I almost attempted to bring one home. Conch shells are everywhere around the beach but it was kind of hard to find a flawless one without any cracks.

The picture that I’m sharing was taken with 16-35mm f2.8L on 5D II, using BIG Stopper at 16mm wide. Post-processing was minimal but only a little cropping and framing to straighten the picture. I love this picture as the water blends into the white soft sand that I’m standing on and the horizon clearly defined.

Leeward Beach BIG STOPPER


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Setting sun in Leeward

I came full prepared for the shot that I am so going to take home, a HDR shot of the setting sun in Leeward beach, Providenciales. With my tripod and camera, I set myself in a great view of the Caribbean sea and the sun just in front of me. I was literally standing there in awe taking in the gorgeous view while snapping away happily. I took a RAW photo and converted them into 3 exposures where I further processed them in Photomatix.

Sunset at Leeward Beach


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Sunset on Elaine

Having fun at the Leeward beach and basking in the sun is a dream come true for me. Watching the water glitter and showing off its gorgeous color under the setting sun was definitely a sight to behold, I was smiling to myself that I have finally made it to this beautiful beach. I wasted no time and also waited for the sun to set while I grab as many photographs as I can! A shutter-happy me struck an idea in my head and I got Elaine to stroll towards the sun and the water while I kept my shutter button busy with every steps she took, literally!

Here I would like to share my favorite shot which shows the beautiful sun, sand and the sea. Of course, not forgetting my main subject, Elaine. This shot was taken with 50mm f1.2L on my 5D II.

Elaine at Leeward Beach IV


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Elaine at Taylor Bay

Of all the beaches we have been to, I will rank Taylor Bay as my most favorite of all. The water is calmer than Sapodilla Bay and this bay is bigger! Looking for the access to the entrance is easier as we have researched through internet before and people who have been there before gave us some clue on what we will get if we are nearing to Taylor Bay.

We parked our car just outside a tennis court and walked through some bushes before we behold a sight that we will never forget, Taylor Bay with its beautiful and inviting water. The view here is definitely gorgeous as it gave us a nice view of the Horizon as there were no ships or boats anywhere in sight. We spent most of our time there and indeed, will never get enough of it. I will want so much to go back there again in future if I have got the chance. Amazingly, all three beaches that I have been to have different seawater colors if you have noticed. They were equally enhanced before so the colors are real. I guess it is due to the depth that they gave different colors to behold.

Elaine at Taylor Bay IV


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Elaine at Sapodilla Bay

While driving along the road looking for Sapodilla Bay, we relied heavily on the GPS that we had to tell us how far are we from the gorgeous beach in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos. There are no road signs telling you which entrance to access the beach. Fortunately, we found it, with a little bumpy drive into an opening which we found is an access to Sapodilla Bay. The beach is so private that you can only see handful of people there, the water is so crystal clear that it totally look like a gigantic swimming pool. The seawater from the shore spans for approximately 300 metres which I might be wrong, perhaps further. Within this distance, the water is only at knee to waist level.

We had a great time of our lives there and would never forget how a breathtaking view the bay can give us. In fact, we went back there a few times as we can’t seem to get enough of it. With the softest sand under our feet, it really feels good and smooth to walk around in the water as well. The water is fairly calm but definitely calmer than the water in Leeward Beach that we used a tube to rest ourselves basking in the sun while playing with the warm water and soft sand. I just love the feeling of the sand in my hand. I have never felt any other sand that is softer than the one in Providenciales.

Here’s Elaine in her tube.

Elaine at Sapodilla Bay


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Leeward Beach with Elaine

It was not an easy task to search for the beach entrance into Leeward Beach which sits at the very north end of Providenciales. Driving was definitely a great choice on our part as we were able to self drive ourselves to explore the island which offered us great food and beaches. We soon found ourselves a small entrance that gave us access to the beach with a little walk away from our car parked outside some residential area. I was rather skeptical as all we can see were bushes and sights of beaches were nowhere found. After following a sandy trail with less than 5 minutes’ walk, we found ourselves in an awe with the gorgeous beach with beautiful weather laying ahead of us. There were only another family there basking in the sun while the kids playing in the water. In another words, we have the whole beach to ourselves!

It is not possible to locate exactly where Leeward Beach is in the map which I have no idea why. With Elaine as my model, I started triggering happily away with 5D II switching between 16-35mm f2.8L and 50mm f1.2L. The photos below were edited with photoshop and cropped to balance the horizon.

Elaine at Leeward Beach II

Elaine at Leeward Beach III


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The Somerset on Grace Bay

I was having fun with long exposure photography at night alone enjoying the beach all to myself and having people strolling past occasionally and I wondered to myself if I can get the hotel, The Somerset on Grace Bay which sits just next to my hotel, the right exposure as the stars. The result turned out to be great! So I framed the beach chair and the shelter in as well to complete this picture as a whole on the beach at night. I did some adjustments in photoshop to blend the exposures and also to brighten up the sky a little more.

Grace bay starry night III


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