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Miami sunrise

Knowing that the sun rises from the horizon, it was definitely worthwhile to wake up early in the morning and facing the chill wind on the beach to enjoy a magnificent view of the sunrise out from the horizon into the blue sky. There are a few beach goers around the area ready to welcome the sun and take in the breathtaking view and tractors going round their routine to clean the sand and flattening them evenly across the beach. I will never forget how beautifully and graciously the sun rises from the horizon, letting its sun rays falling on my face. The warm feeling that the sun gave me to combat with the chilly wind is sufficient enough for me to stay put on the beach and enjoy clicking away on my shutter.

Mounted on a tripod, I carefully framed my camera parallel to the horizon, the horizon has always been a challenge for me to align my camera with. As the sun rises further away from the horizon, people started strolling along the beach which gave me plenty of opportunities to capture them as my foreground subject. The picture was taken with 16-35mm f2.8L on 5D II.

Miami Beach sunrise


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Sunny Isles beach

The picture that I’m sharing in this post is a picture that I will never get in a country where I come from. The breathtaking view from my room in Sole On The Ocean situated a distance away from the Ocean Drive which is fine for me as I would appreciate more peace than loud musics all night long and not getting enough sleep. Sunny Isles beach is definitely your choice if you would want to have some peace while basking in the sun on the lovely beach and when you feel like it, just take a taxi to the Ocean Drive for dinner, drinks and people watching.

We booked a room in Sole On The Ocean with partial ocean view which is big enough for me to grab my camera to grab a shot out in the balcony! I just love how to horizon stands out between the blue sky and the turquoise water. I’m really loving it!

Sunny Isles beach


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Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation

It was definitely a heart-wrenching experience for me when I visited this beautiful memorial park situated nicely in 1933-1945 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139. We actually went past this memorial park in a one-day tour bus which took us around the city for sight-seeing. This memorial park stood out from the common looking buildings around and that was the main reason initially that we wanted to visit this place not knowing what that is all about. After all, the sculpture of the hand was definitely eye-catching for tourists visiting this beautiful place like me! After I finally found my own way there by foot, I realized that this memorial park is dedicated to 6 million victims of The Holocaust(also known as The Shoah) during World War II.

This memorial park was commissioned by Kenneth Treister (sculptor) in 1985. His intent described of this park was what I have seen in this park, large environment sculpture, a large outdoor space where visitors like me are led through a series of visual, historical and emotional experiences with the hope that the visit will express the reality of the Holocaust to us in small way.

The very eye-catching and large sculpture is a 42 foot high bronze hand which is officially called “The Sculpture of Love and Anguish” with an Auschwitz number on the forearm and 130 human figures cast in bronze in various forms of anguish.

People will tell you how beautiful and nice it is to visit this park and look at it with a different view that you can actually see the reflection of the hand in the water. My initial attempts to create the picture shown below as various factors affected my frame. But finally, I got one that is satisfactory.

Holocaust Memorial Park V

I love how this picture create a vertical effect of the hand reaching for the sky with the humans figures expressing their anger.

Holocaust Memorial Park IV

A picture attempted by me while going through the series of articles on the wall. I like how the sun shine on the tips of the fingers where it creates another mood showing how this sculpture shines under the sun. Again, I like it when I can see semi-silhouette reflection in the water.

Holocaust Memorial Park III

Inside the memorial park, I took time to look at the human figures sculptures and grab few shots of HDR (High Dynamic Range). For me, I’m very glad to have the chance to visit this memorial park while I was there. The visit of the park kept me thinking till today about the millions of innocent lives taken away during the world war. And this is how I’m starting to appreciate the peace we have now more than ever.

Holocaust Memorial Park

Holocaust Memorial Park II


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Sunset at Key Biscayne

Driving around definitely do give me surprises in Miami, Florida. We were visiting Key Biscayne and were almost leaving soon when we saw potentially gorgeous sunset that is coming our way. We have no idea that we can get such beautiful sunset in Key Biscayne and that we are so lucky to “bump” into one! What a surprise!

Immediately and anxiously, I looked for a place to park my car, prepared my gears and went ahead with shutter-happy on my camera capturing frames and frames of beautiful sun setting into the silhouettes. The colors you see in the picture I’m sharing here are very real and in no way it was edited with fake colors! Never in my life that I have taken so many sunset shots in a trip like this to Florida.

Sunset from Key Biscayne


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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Cloudy sky was the first thing we realized early in the morning while we waited for our shuttle service to bring us to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and yes, it did rain a few times during our visit there but we never let the weather dampen our mood as we jumped from studios to studios to indulge ourselves in the magical fun there. For my post here, instead of showing my photos taken there, I will give it a change and post a video that I have taken of the parade there.

Fortunately, it was only drizzling and the parade still went on, otherwise, from what I heard from the staff that it will be cancelled if the rain is too hard. I stood myself under a tree and close to it so as to make sure that I am not blocking anyone’s view of the parade while I’m recording the parade with my fisheye 8-15mm F4L on my 5D II handheld. I should have known to get a small and portable monopod with me as I stood there holding my camera in position to record the video for the whole parade, it was not easy. My arms started aching while I have to control my breathing to stop my camera from moving due to the movement of my chest. You can notice from the video that it is not totally stable, a monopod will definitely do the trick.

Please enjoy my video. Cheers!

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Magic Kingdom night parade

It always seems like the clock is ticking away so slowly whenever I wait for the night parade to start in Disneyland. Thousands of LEDs will be flying past me in just few minutes’ time and I was still indecisive on which mode should I use for the night parade, pictures or video? Eventually, I somehow convinced myself to take video recording of the night parade with 50mm F1.2L and so, this will be my second time of taking video of the night parade in Disneyland, last one was Tokyo Disneyland night parade, the video that I took when I last visited Disneyland in Tokyo gave me wonderful memories indeed and this is also part of the reason why I have decided to also take a video of the night parade in Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

This time is a little different as the lens used in this video is 50mm F1.2L which is something that I have wanted to try for the first time. The night parade went on and I was there half kneeling while keeping my camera handheld for the whole parade. Well, the parade took longer than I expected and the night parade outlived the 4 GigaByte limit of my 5D II. With lots of handshakes as well in the video, I chopped up the videos into pieces and put them together as nicely as possible. Oh yes, this time, I have my ZOOM H1 sound recorder with me which is a great piece of equipment that I have. The sound quality is definitely much better than the mic on board the camera.

The night parade was still as amazing as I last remembered of the last night parade in Tokyo. The LEDs remained so mesmerizing in my eyes and familiar music filled the air while the parade past by. This is all how I like it, fond memories fresh in my mind and beautiful images and videos posted here to share with everyone my sentiments.


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Magic Kingdom Park

As a part of our plan during our stay in Orlando, we visited Magic Kingdom Park in Disneyland. When we reached Epcot, we were overwhelmed by big crowds of visitors staying the line to have their bags checked by securities as a routine while getting in. Taking a sky train around Disneyland is already quite exhilarating for us, not to mention that we took a ferry across Seven Seas Lagoon (man-made lake) in Disney World. The warm weather was easy on us and made it a great day to have my photos taken while we were visiting Magic Kingdom Park.

It was a great choice on my side that I traveled light again as Magic Kingdom Park is so huge that walking around can easily tire us out. My choice of lens in my crumpler bag were 16-35mm F2.8L, 8-15mm F4L fisheye and 50mm F1.2 while fisheye lens still remained as my main lens for fun shots there. Most of the pictures were edited with photoshop and cropping was done as well. During our visit there, the park was somehow crowded and the line for the rides was really long and we experienced almost 45 minutes of wait for a Winnie the Pooh ride. But it was still a lot of fun for us there.

At the entrance
Magic Kingdom III

Magic Kingdom IV

Magic Kingdom I

Magic Kingdom II

A parade happening.
Magic Kingdom V

Magic Kingdom VI

Magic Kingdom VII

Magic Kingdom VIII

Magic Kingdom IX

Magic Kingdom X

Magic Kingdom XI

Magic Kingdom XII

Magic Kingdom XIII


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