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Merry Xmas from Fukuoka tower

As this month is the month for Christmas, I would like to share a shot of Fukuoka tower showing a beautiful Christmas tree lighted on the tower. It was a cooling night but I wanted to capture a good composition of the Fukuoka tower with the right timing of long exposure to get the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

Fukuoka tower Xmas : HDR

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Fukuoka landscape from hilltop

After spending a lot of time doing research for a good photography opportunity in Fukuoka, I finally came across the Atago Shrine which is located on top of a hill where I can have a breathtaking view of the Fukuoka city with the Fukuoka tower in good view. Getting to the Atago Shrine from Muromi station involves in walking and climbing up the slope as it is a hill, to locate this shrine as a tourist, GPS will prove to be very handy, otherwise, get a pre-paid data plan on your mobile phone to look for this shrine. The walk was definitely worthwhile for me as I had a very good view of the city in the evening. I aimed to get there before evening so that I can take a night shot with long exposure. Please enjoy my picture.

Fukuoka tower : HDR

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Into the chilling night with Perth

With chilly night in Perth, it was a long hike up the slopes of the hill before I reached the park that offers a city wide view of Perth in the night. Although it took us a while but it was a good walk with the chilly temperature to cool us off while I walk. This is the time when I know I made a great choice choosing a very light tripod back then when I was contemplating on the choices of tripods that I can buy to support my camera system for long exposures shots. I was indeed very glad that I chose SIRUI tripod T1204X. It is very light and at the same time, not compromising the sturdiness a camera needs for a long exposure shot. I had no problem carrying my tripod in its bag during my short hike.

I captured this shot in a single RAW file on long exposure then separating it into 5 different exposures before merging them into HDR in photomatix. Please enjoy.

Perth in the night : HDR//

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Chilly walk in Perth

It was a chilly night walk for me when I was strolling along the quiet streets in Perth with my tripod looking for some subjects to photograph. In Australia, I realized myself that it is common to find an infrastructure built with a nice curve in the corner of a cross junction. So much so that it is eye catching and nice to even stop and look at it, admiring the design of the buildings that blends in too well to the corner of the cross junction.

This particular Northbridge Centre car park is one of the building that I decided to take a shot at. I set my tripod at the opposite corner of the building and composed my frame. I didn’t expect the picture can be so nice.

Northbridge Centre: HDR

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Webb bridge

Just a little research on the internet and I got one more photography subject for my landscape collection from Melbourne and that was in Docklands I discovered the webb bridge. A little more checking and I got the location of this webb bridge and went on my way searching for this gem in Melbourne. It was a long walk for me and when I finally found the bridge, it was dark but the whole bridge was lighted with beautiful white lights meandering around the water. I took quite a while before I found the composition that I like, at the front apparently. I was standing in front of the bridge entrance and taking my composition head on. I set my tripod and took a single RAW file of long exposure before separating it into 5 different exposures and merging them into HDR.

Webb Bridge : HDR

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Cathedral along Flinders street

I have been passing by this cathedral for several times and it has never caught my eye until one day, when I was having a coffee(I love the latte in Melbourne), I caught a glance of the back of this cathedral and I thought to myself that the front of this cathedral should be a good photography opportunity. It was in the night and the sky was clear so it made a good evening for a long exposure shot of the front of the cathedral.

When I walked towards Flinders street and turned my head, I was somehow amazed by how this St. Paul’s Cathedral lighted up beautifully in the night, there were some events going on just directly opposite of the cathedral and that restricted my space of getting a far and straight on shot. I tried getting my first test shot and I knew I nailed it. I got a RAW shot of this cathedral before separating them into 5 different exposures and merging them into HDR using photomatix. I love the result.

St. Paul's Cathedral : HDR

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Melbourne’s street arts

It was a chilling night for a good walk along streets of Melbourne toward Hosier lane where I set my mind on taking some long exposure shots of the wall paintings in the alleys. The street arts in Hosier lane is an open secret where everyone would find it easily, even I found it easily just walking along the famous Flinders street.

I set my tripod at the corner and got this shot. I was really glad that I have gotten my 16-35mm f2.8L. With my wide angle, I am able to capture a good composition of the street arts in the Hosier lane where space is tight. After a single shot of RAW file, I separated them into 5 different exposures, then merging them into HDR using photomatix.

Street arts in Hoiser lane : HDR

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