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On the way down

As I made way back out, I caught a view of the steps downwards towards torii gate and I decided to take a last shot before I leave this awesome place. A visit to Kamishikimi Shrine definitely leaves me a very strong and great memory. It is beautiful, mysterious and peace where not all foreigners like me had visited before. I am very glad to have been there.

Kamishikimi steps down : HDR

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Looking up to the top

At the back of the Kamishikimi Shrine, there is a beaten path up to the top and I saw a faded leading line up and I knew I had to capture a composition like this with trees in the surroundings. This was definitely not an easy climb for me as the soil on the ground was not as firm as it looks like. Please enjoy.

Kamishikimi up to the top : HDR

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Kamishikimi Shrine

With my wide angle lens, 16-35mm f2.8L, I had no worries about taking an up-close composition of the Kamishikimi Shrine and I took a long exposed single RAW shot to merge it into HDR. Surrounded by hundreds in years old trees, this is just so amazing for me. Please enjoy.

Kamishikimi shrine : HDR

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Steps up to Kamishikimi Shrine

As I was almost reaching the top to Kamishikimi shrine, I was treated with a mysterious peek of the shrine and it was a different view for me so I took a break and set up my tripod for another long exposure shot with LITTLE Stopper from LEE filter. Please enjoy.

Kamishikimi steps up : HDR

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Torii gate of Kamishikimi Shrine

I was really happy that in my life, I am able to visit this shrine which has so much tranquility and mystery that is located way off the beaten path and definitely off the chart for tourists in Kumamoto. When I first saw how mysterious and hidden Kamishikimi shrine is, I even contemplated about making a trip there just by commuting by train then by foot. When I was there, I finally see how the shrine was well hidden up the steps into the forest and the area indeed provide a very good sense of peace. I set up my tripod for long exposure around the shrine and will be featured for the next few posts. Do stay tuned and enjoy!

Kamishikimi tori gate : HDR

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Fukuoka landscape from hilltop

After spending a lot of time doing research for a good photography opportunity in Fukuoka, I finally came across the Atago Shrine which is located on top of a hill where I can have a breathtaking view of the Fukuoka city with the Fukuoka tower in good view. Getting to the Atago Shrine from Muromi station involves in walking and climbing up the slope as it is a hill, to locate this shrine as a tourist, GPS will prove to be very handy, otherwise, get a pre-paid data plan on your mobile phone to look for this shrine. The walk was definitely worthwhile for me as I had a very good view of the city in the evening. I aimed to get there before evening so that I can take a night shot with long exposure. Please enjoy my picture.

Fukuoka tower : HDR

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