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Hyde park fountain

A short walk from my hotel and I am in Hyde Park looking at the very nice fountain. With so many visitors around, I used BIG Stopper from LEE filter for long exposure to blur out the people so that I will get a cleaner image of the fountain. Please enjoy my picture.

Hyde park fountain : HDR

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St Mary’s Cathedral

In a Christmas season like this, there were Christmas trees everywhere and while in Sydney, I saw a great combination of a St Mary’s Cathedral with Christmas tree all in one picture. I found a great spot for setting up my tripod for a long exposure shot. This is a HDR image and I love how the movement scattered clouds in the sky created a great background like it was painted by a brush! Please enjoy and have a merry merry Xmas!

St Mary's Cathedral : HDR

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El Alamein Memorial Fountain

I made a walking trip around the city in Sydney and came across El Alamein Memorial Fountain and was fascinated by it at how it looks like a dandelion beautifully spraying the water making it an almost perfect round shape. It was in the day time and not many people around so I took that chance to grab a long exposed RAW file shot to make it into HDR.

El-Alamein Memorial Fountain : HDR

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Coogee beach

Staying in Crowne Plaza in Sydney’s Coogee beach was definitely a good choice made by me, I was so tempted to book myself a room in one of the hotels available around the city area but I was advised against it as I will not have the peaceful walk around that I want. Moreover, if I want to visit the city, I can just drive. Crowne Plaza Coogee beach, as the name suggested, the hotel is just located a road across the smaller yet beautiful and popular Coogee beach in Sydney. For my first time in my life, I learnt that along the famous Coogee beach, there is a man made pool at one end of the beach for people to swim in without fighting the strong current in the sea at any time.

It was definitely a breathtaking sight to behold while looking across the beach under the sun while the weather is rather cooling. Summer was over and only few visitors were basking themselves on the beach, so I took this chance to compose my frame at my own sweet time. The image below was taken with 16-35mm f2.8 L on 5D II but was cropped a little more to emphasize the building and the man made pool as my main object.

Coogee beach


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Sydney Harbour Bridge

From where I was standing to capture the moments of the Sydney opera house, there stands the glamorous Sydney harbour bridge. I was getting excited when it gets darker and the lights turned on, the bridge turned into a beautiful nightscape for me right after I am done with photographing the opera house! With the fading dark blue sky behind, it provides a clean background for my capture of the bridge. Again, I took long exposure on my tripod with 16-35mm f2.8 L on 5D II.

I have only adjusted the brightness of the whole picture a little to show a bit more of the sky using photoshop. I knew how other tourists took their photos of the opera house as their foreground and the harbour bridge as part of the background. In my own opinion, I do not wish to have such complicated photos with so many objects in as I am not really comfortable with the compositions like that. While I was clicking on my shutter release on the bridge, I realized how beautiful the moon is just across the water on my left where the Park Hyatt hotel stands. It was really mesmerizing for me! Therefore, I composed again another shot on another nightscape to share here.

I was really satisfied with my works and after few shots, I packed up and go as it was really dark at that time. Moreover, it was getting colder, I can’t really stand cold temperature and I made my way back to my car and drove back to my hotel to have my early night rest.

Sydney harbour bridge

Sydney Park Hyatt hotel nightscape with the gorgeous crescent moon.
Sydney II


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Sydney opera house

“Finally!” I thought to myself while photographing the opera house in Sydney. Yes, I have never been to Sydney before and this is my very first visit there. I knew myself that I must have at least seen the Sydney opera house once if I’m there, it is an icon of the city! I carried my lens in my backpack and while nearing the bay just across the water, I took out my 70-200mm f2.8 L for few test shots! As I got nearer, I realized that 50mm f1.2 L would be good too and it framed nicely into my 5d II!

It was almost 1730hr when I started taking photos of the opera house, I loved the sky as it gets darker as shown in the image below. And I have also waited patiently for the spotlights to be turned on and give a nice light cast on the opera house. I mounted my camera on my tripod and took long exposure for this image to even out the water and to get nice lights around.



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